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Our network design solution allows for the georeferenced documentation of fiber optic and HFC networks, as well as splice boxes with their tubes, threads, splitters, mux, and demux. Similarly, the entire internal wiring of the headend can be documented. This way, the path of each strand from the headend to the subscriber's house can be traced.

Main Modules:

GIS Module Incorporates network objects. Each object recognizes the elements it can be connected to, mandatory and optional data, valid values, and consistency rules. Compatible with Autocad.


View Module Allows visualizing and analyzing the network model at the time of failure in a web browser, including on major tablets.


Survey Module Enables editing networks directly from the street. Houses, network elements, and infrastructure elements can be entered using an Android phone or tablet with Google Maps as a base.

FO Module Enables intuitive and error-free management of the fiber optic network, fully prepared for FTTx networks.


OMS Module Manages service interruptions without performance issues even in the worst possible crises.


Internal Plant Module Models the internal plant of headends, integrated with the external plant. Maintains the integrated topological model from the internal plant to the customers.

PCM Module Manages network construction projects, controlling the materials used and ensuring that the physical network asset is compatible with the accounting asset in the ERP.


We offer Associated Professional Services to ensure the proper system setup, user training, remote technical support, and monitoring. All provided solutions are scalable to ensure their usability over time


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